16 Hours Stopover In Doha, Qatar


We had a 16 hours stopover in Doha and asked a local about the top things to do in Doha. He recommended to go into the city of Doha, relaxe a little bit, get some good food and visit some of the main attractions. We arrived in the morning around 7am and left around midnight. Is was a beautiful day and I would totally recommend it to everybody. Just go on your own you don’t need a guide.

Top Things To Do In Doha On Your Stopover
1. Mint Tea at the Corniche
2. Lunch at the Souq Waqif
3. Museum of Islamic Art
4. Dinner in the old town


Overall costs

$ 100


1 day


Useful information

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1. Mint Tea at the Corniche

After leaving the airport we headed straight to the Corniche and had a fresh mint tea next to some boats at Doha Port. After that we walked further down the Corniche and relaxed a little bit in the gras under some palm trees with spectacular views on the skyline which lies on the other side of the bay.

2. Lunch at the Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is actually an old Souq which was renovated and is nowadays in pretty good shape.
We had lunch just next to the Souq.

3. Museum of Islamic Art

The Museum of Islamic Art lies on an artifical peninsula next to the Corniche, has free entry, nice exhibitions, great architecture and spectacular views of Dohas skyline. Needless to say we spend our afternoon on this beautiful place.

4. Dinner in the old town

Next to Souq Waqif are some pedestrian zones with lots of restaurants and Shisha Bars. We sat outside and first had dinner and afterwards a Shisha before we headed back to the airport.
There was also a litter evening market which also had great cheap food.