2 Day Abu Dhabi Itinerary


We spent two days in Abu Dhabi to break up our long haul flight and packed them with an very varied itinerary that turned out great. We went to the Yas Marina Circuit, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the desert and of course a shopping mall. If you have time you should also check out a mangroves tour and the Louvre Abu Dhabi. So here are our top things to do in Abu Dhabi!

Our 2 Day Abu Dhabi Itinerary
1. Abu Dhabi City Centre
2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
3. Yas Marina Circuit
4. The desert


Overall costs

$ 300


2 days


Useful information

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1. City Centre

It is not a real city centre but at least there are some attractions in walking distance here. You can go to Marina Shopping Mall which is one of the bigger malls, to the beaches in this area and up to the observation platform of the Etihad Towers.

2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Come here just before the sunset to see the white stones of this magnificent mosque in perfect light. Also you are able to wait until it is dark and the whole building gets illuminated.
Its a must see in Abu Dhabi!

3. Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina is the Formula 1 circuit of Abu Dhabi but there are other races as well during the year. We haven’t informed ourselfes about any races for that day but when we arrived we heared the sound of some smaller race cars. You can just walk along a foot path between the race track and the marina.The Ferrari World is also not far away.

4. The desert

Last but not least we did a classic desert tour where you sit in a 4wd and the guys are driving with you over big sand dunes. They also offered camel tours but most people preferred to sit on top of a sand dune and watch the sunrise.
As soon as the sun has set they serve you some food and drinks at a camp.