One Week in Tenerife


Itinerary of a one week winter hiking trip to Tenerife (Canary Islands). Winter is a great time for the island because it still has around 22 degree celsius during the day, there are less tourists than in the summer time and accomodations, rental cars and flights are very cheap.
The island itself offers spectacular landscapes from wet forests to desert landscapes around the high plateau of Volcan Teide and beautiful coastlines.
You can easily combine this itinerary with an extension to one of the other Canary Islands like Lanzarote or Gran Canaria.

Our One Week Tenerife Itinerary
1. Teide National Park
2. El Medano
3. Around Masca
4. Parque Natural Corona Forestal


Overall costs

$ 800


7 days



1. Teide National Park

We did four different day hikes in and around Teide National Park which is in my opinion the best part of the island. It looks a little bit like the Atacama Desert in small scale.
A cable car leads to the top of Volcan Teide, we skipped that because of the crowds and waiting time.
Get yourself a guide book for hiking to select the right treks for yourself.

2. El Medano

The bay of El Medano is famous for its perfect kitesurfing conditions so you will see a lot of skilled people here. The village has some nice cafes on the beachfront to hang out.
Next to El Medano is a hill called Montana Roja from where you can see over Medano, the Volcan Teide and Gran Canaria. The climb up to the top takes around 30 minutes.

3. Around Masca

There is a small but popular trail leading from the mountain village Masca to the ocean. You can either walk both ways by your own or if you book a tour you just go down and the tour operator picks you up at the beach with a boat. Depending on the route your skipper might pass along the huge cliffs of Los Gigantes.
The upper hills around Masca are much quiter and offer trails to the greener and wetter west part of the island.

4. Parque Natural Corona Forestal

The forest ribbon around Volcan Teide consists of canary pine trees. The forest is often covered in clouds so you will find a completely different landscape compared to the top of the island.