4 Days in Fès, Morocco


Itinerary of four days in Fès with the world famous medina and tanneries. We made an organised day trip to Moulay Idris and Meknes which is offered by many agencies and hotels in the city. So check out our honest opinion on the top things to do in Fès.

Our 4 Days in Fès Itinerary
1. Fès
2. Volubilis
3. Moulay Idris
4. Meknes



  • Distance Instructions

Overall costs

$ 400


4 days



1. Fès

Fès is one of the four imperial cities but not as crowded and less touristy than Marrakech or Tanger. It is well known for its huge Medina and the colorful tanneries. They consist of stone vessels which are filled with different liquids to color leather. There are shops and cafes which offer a nice view on the place.

2. Volubilis

On the way to Moulay Idris we stopped for an hour at the roman ruins of Volubilis.

3. Moulay Idris

Moulay Idris is a holy town in Morocco and located on a little hill. It’s famous for the big mosque and the only round shaped minaret in Morocco.
We walked up the neighboring hill to get a better view of the village. The local kids will show you the way.

4. Meknes

The day trip ended in Meknes where we had lunch. Sights are the big public square Place el Hedim and the massive city gate Bab Mansour. Beside that they have of course a Medina and plenty of good food.

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